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Don’t skip over crawl space encapsulation and subterranean termite control in Kilmarnock, VA

Crawl space encapsulation and subterranean termite control are two of the most important elements to consider when it comes to protecting your home or business. Crawl spaces are often overlooked in terms of maintenance, but being proactive and implementing the right treatments and preventive measures can curtail a host of problems.

Our pest control experts do inspections for subterranean termites and other wood-destroying insects such as carpenter bees, ants, subterranean termites, powder post beetles, and old house borer. At Commonwealth Pest Management, we offer real estate inspections needed for closing, fungus treatments, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidifier installation, vapor barrier installation, insulation replacement, and more.

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Certified and Insured

Certified through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). We handle residential and commercial services.

Real Estate Inspections

A wood destroying insect (WDI) or wood destroying organism (WDO) inspection is necessary, because any of these tiny pests can cause significant damage to a property's structure.

Service Agreements

Much of our work is renewable each year and transferable if you sell.

Other Services

In addition to real estate subterranean termite inspections, we offer multiple services that we believe are just as important, listed below:

Our Services


Crawlspace encapsulation effectively seals off any entry points and keeps your crawl space dry and protected.

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Water Testing

Knowing the quality of your well water allows you to take steps to make sure it's safe for consumption or use in your home.

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Pest Control

Subterranean Termites and other wood-destroying insects are identified during our pest inspections. Mice, ants, and carpenter bees can also get quick treatment.

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Fungus Removal

Effectively eliminate fungus and mildew from your crawl space and implement measures to prevent future growth.

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 Start off on the right foot with new construction pretreatment for subterranean termite prevention and control.

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Dehumidifier Installation

Reduce humidity levels in your crawl space and inside your home for better energy efficiency and better health.

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We were having issues with our hardwood floors cupping due to moisture underneath our house. Commonwealth Pest Management sealed our crawl space and installed a dehumidifier. They came highly recommended and now I know why. Job well done.
Emily Smith
wood destroyed by termites

Our pest control technician in Kilmarnock, VA doesn’t miss a spot

When it comes to pest control, a crawlspace company that pays attention to detail is essential. Subterranean termites are known to sneak into the smallest nooks and crannies of your crawlspace, making their way into the foundation and wreaking havoc on your property value. That's why you need an exterminator who doesn't miss a spot. Our team of experts makes sure to thoroughly inspect every inch of your crawl space for signs of subterranean termite infestation. From identifying mud tubes to checking for moisture buildup, we leave no stone unturned in our search for these destructive pests. Our goal is not only to eliminate existing subterranean termites but also to prevent future infestations from occurring.

Get full protection with crawlspace encapsulation

Crawl spaces can be prone to dampness and ventilation issues. And because your heating and cooling systems, insulation, plumbing, and electrical wiring are located in your crawl space, it’s important your home or business not become home to fungus, mildew, and pests that can cause extensive damage. At Commonwealth Pest Management, we offer several solutions for your crawl space encapsulation depending on your location and amount of humidity levels. The very basic solution is the installation of a vapor barrier to reduce ground moisture from entering your crawl space and increase humidity. But even better than that would be a crawl space encapsulation that seals off your entire crawl space and prevents moisture, fungus, mildew, and pests for good. We specialize in custom-made crawl space doors.

Black plastic drainage membrane fixed on the foundation of house under construction

Secure your crawl space with Commonwealth Pest Management

We already provide our services to many local businesses in Kilmarnock. When it comes to dealing with subterranean termites and crawl spaces, finding a reliable company is essential. Our team at Commonwealth Pest Management has over 30 Years of Combined experience in the industry and has become known as one of the most reliable pest control and crawl space companies in the town of Kilmarnock and surrounding areas. We look at the whole picture. So go ahead and enjoy your day shopping in our charming town and grab a meal from one of our friendly merchants knowing your home or business is covered.

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