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Scary discovery in your crawl space?

We are pest control management and crawl space contractors which means we see the entire picture when treating your crawl space and foundation. The reason you have fungus growing in your crawl space is that you have high humidity or a wet crawl space. Fungus and mildew require moisture to grow and thrive. With this being said, we tackle not only your fungus removal but prevention as well. We put measures in place to eliminate fungus for good. 

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Why is fungus bad for my crawl space?

That’s a fair question, after all, who spends time in their crawl spaces? Well, it’s more important than you think. Fungus is a rapidly growing fungus that feeds directly on your wood foundation including structural floor joists. This can cause extreme wood decay and a weakened foundation. On top of that, fungus spores can travel and circulate making their way into your home causing respiratory problems and fungus growth inside your home if humidity levels are too high. Think of fungus spores like seeds. Everywhere they land, they can grow and flourish if they have the right conditions.

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In conclusion, fungus growth in your crawl space should be taken seriously. Not only does it have the potential to cause significant health issues, but it can also result in costly damage to your home if left unchecked. Call Commonwealth Pest Management at 804-435-3373.

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