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Water Testing in Kilmarnock, VA

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Is the quality of your well water in question?

Private wells, particularly shallow wells, should be tested for purity and safety on a regular basis. You may not know this, but your well water purity may change over time if the surrounding groundwater becomes contaminated with things like pesticides and animal feces. A water test will check for harmful bacteria that might be making you sick, as well as check for lead and other contaminants that may not be safe.

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What could be unsafe in my tap water?

Private well water is unregulated and becomes the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure its safety. Coliforms (harmful bacteria; an example is E. coli), lead, nitrates, pesticides, iron, and other contaminants can be found in your well water. It can become too concentrated with these elements, especially in homes or businesses where they sit vacant for some period of time. Because private well water is unregulated, many lenders will require a water test prior to a real estate closing. Our tap water testing is done meticulously with aseptic collection techniques and storage before sending the samples off to get tested at a local lab. 

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It’s easy to get comfortable and assume you have clean drinking water, but a water analysis test may prove otherwise. Reach out to Commonwealth Pest Management to schedule your water testing. Our number is 804-435-3373.

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